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“I have been working with Marin Acupuncture Clinic since mid 2008 and can recommend its services without reservation. 
Lindsey Hayes is a gifted practitioner; from my first treatment with her I noticed a difference in my energy and have continued to increase in clarity and health since then.   She has a natural ability to share Eastern medical practices without jargon or negative judgments of Western medicine, which reflects strong professional training and a fundamental respect for each person’s path.  In addition, her warmth and deep enthusiasm for life make it a pleasure to enter her clinic.” ~FB. Marin, CA

 "I wish to acknowledge Lindsey as a wonderful practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I have been a physical therapist and acupuncturist for over twenty years.  I recently moved to San Rafael and needed to find a new practitioner for myself. Lindsey is kind, compassionate and very skilled. She creates a very special healing environment, and I left feeling extremely well cared for."--- Michael L. Miller,R.P.T.,L.A.C.  Marin, CA

"I appreciate very much what Lindsey has done for me.  Three months ago, I began treatment for chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, and my eye.  On a scale of 1 to 10, my pain was a 10.  My pain diminished with each acupuncture treatment to the point where I can move my neck with minimum pain (a 4), my shoulder (no pain), and my left arm (no pain).  I also see perfectly well with my left eye which had an inflammation of the optical nerve.  The doctor had told me that the eye would heal in about 6 months, but with acupuncture it healed in 5 weeks.  Thank you very much.  The treatment has been incredible.  After 5 years of chronic pain from a work related accident (where a heavy box on a high shelf fell on my head and injured my jaw, neck, and spinal nerves) I am now almost pain free.  Thank you very much, Lindsey Hayes.  You have changed my life.  I wish you much success in your career and much happiness in life." ---Maria Baquero, Rohnert Park, CA

 "Lindsey has the hands of a true healer. Her openness, patience, acceptance, warmth and compassion evoke a feeling of calm and well-being in her presence. This combined with her seeming limitless knowledge and natural curiosity makes her a wonderful practitioner. Highly recommended." --- Elke K., Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Lindsey has the rare dual powers of perception and insight: she understands the world, and seeks to make it better. Her thoughtfulness, patience, care, and candor make her an invaluable member of a community.  As a health professional, she is superb. As a human being, she is one of a kind."---  Brian S., Los Angeles, CA

"Healing Comes Naturally To Lindsey:
A treatment with Lindsey is healing on so many levels.  Not only does she display a masterful knowledge of the five branches of Chinese medicine (herbs, acupuncture, Qi Gong, acupressure, and dietary therapy), but she is one of those deeply nourishing people who was born with a healer's touch.  Whether she is needling with acupuncture in clinic, teaching a Qi Gong class, or prescribing herbs, she combines a phenomenal knowledge of the medicine with genuine tenderness into a customized treatment for each patient.  I have been treated by Lindsey for digestive issues, for headaches, for low energy, and for unrestful sleep, and in each case she treated the symptoms and the root cause.  Her advice on dietary therapy has been spot-on as well, and a special touch she sometimes adds (with permission) is to pass along any affirmations that come through her during the meditative Qi Gong treatments.  One of these was so powerful I was struck speechless - and meditating on it has truly transformed my life.  I give Lindsey my strongest recommendation - for any condition.  She will always find a way to help." --- OK. Marin, CA 

"Dear Lindsey:
I would like to thank you so much for all you have done for me, in our time together.  You have truly help me so much in my recovery from Bell's Palsy.  My family and I will be forever grateful for everything.  Your support was a gift in our time of need.  Thank you one more." ---Lourdes J., Berkeley, CA.  (Lourdes made a full recovery from Bell's Palsy with acupuncture and herbal medicine.)

“Lindsey is someone who did Qi Gong body work on me in a clinic in Berkeley. She is the most sincere, centered, kind, clear headed young woman I have met in a long time. The body work she did for me was very helpful and the effects lasted for a couple weeks, more than I expected.  I look forward to getting more treatment from her once she gets her acupuncture license next year.” ~MB, 2009. Cupertino, CA

"I have had the privilege of knowing Lindsey Hayes for several years through her personal and professional development.  Not only does this woman inspire me to embrace a life of peace, truth, and consciousness, she also displays a genuine care for my health, wellbeing, and thriving in life.  Her healing touch, expertise, and commitment have guided me through various physical, emotional, and energetic healing issues.  I recommend her to anyone seeking a compassionate and informed practitioner." ~ Leah Guthridge, Shakti Rising.  Berkeley, CA. 

"Lindsey has magical hands.  During her treatments, I can actually feel my organs release stagnated energy.  Lindsey Hayes is a nurturing and loving acupuncturist who creates a peaceful and tranquil space for healing to occur." --- Dr. Jimmy Magiasis, Naturopathic Doctor.  Marin, CA.

"Lindsey Hayes was my student at the Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley.  She stood out as a particularly talented qigong practitioner, which is why I selected her to teach as part of the qigong program at the school.  The patients at the AIMC qigong clinic sang her praises and reported excellent results.  She had a special way of making patients feel comfortable, and her demeanor was always professional and polite.  Her grasp of complex Chinese medicine theory was impressive, even while a student.  I recommend Lindsey without reservations.  She is an exceptional practitioner of Chinese medicine." ---Dr. Suzanne Friedman, LAc, DMQ (China), Chair of the Medical Qigong Department, AIMC Berkeley.

"Working with Lindsey was a rare and powerful treat.  At once strongly professional and clearly established in the wisdom of her tradition, I felt relaxed and confident under her care. During times of more extreme illness last autumn, Lindsey's sensitivity and copasetic capacity to respond in the moment was a source of deep comfort. Energetically and emotionally attuned, Lindsey quickly narrowed in on specific blockages in my body during medical Qigong treatments.  She fearlessly introduced me to the wonderful world of cupping and offered detailed practice instruction in Qi Gong, a practice that I could take away with me as a future preventative measure.  What was of particular note was the kind and loving presence that catalyzed a profound healing response in my body.  It is without hesitation that I would recommend Lindsey's services.  She truly embodies what she espouses." ---Brie Mathers, Author of Freedom to Blossom and inspirational speaker on eating disorders.  Marin, CA.

"Lindsey's knowledge of Chinese medicine exists within her soul.  Her treatments flow from her gentle spirit and keen mind, with calm sureness, accuracy, and effectiveness.  She is an outstanding acupuncturist."  ---Janet Barrows.  Berkeley, CA